Arsenic Data

Arsenic Database

As part of the national arsenic mitigation program, arsenic database was developed to maintain detailed information, which includes: date, well depth, static water level, location, well code, arsenic level, well owner, number of families using well for cooking and drinking and other water aesthetic information. All detailed information of tube wells tested has been collected and entered into the database system.

The database has been used to estimate the proportion of contaminated wells, to update map of the distribution of arsenic contamination and to provide a list of potentially contaminated wells in each province. It is also used to identify targets among the most At Risk for education intervention and mitigation activities.

Relevant information from the database can be exported and displayed spatially within a GIS (ArcMap), which contains ancillary data coverage such as arsenic geology, hydrology, major roads, and Land sat images. The database can incorporate data from other groundwater surveys.

A simple table showing the result of national testing program is available here

  • Data Arsenic testing in all provinces
    Total wells tested : 52382
    Size : 3075 KB
    Table data
  • Data Arsenic re-testing in high risk provinces 2011-present
    Total wells tested : 18234
    Size : 2.51 MB
    Table data
  • Data Arsenic re-testing in low risk provinces 2000-present
    Total wells tested : 11007
    Size : 1.57 MB
    Table data
  • Well in schools
    Total wells tested : 1179
    Size : 157 KB
    Table data